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About Us

Wisdom 4Wellbeing

Wisdom 4Wellbeing

Wisdom 4Wellbeing is created with the aspiration of educating the humanity to get over miseries in day to day life and help them live a fruitful, integrated and fulfilled life. When man realize the greatness of his own self, he reaches the peak of humanity by which he will then able to respect the needs and ambitions of others. Such perfection alone will secure and maintain peace within self, between individuals and between nations. To help everyone understand the greatness of self and lead your life in harmony is our endeavour.


  • Healthy and Happy life for everyone.
  • Living in tune with laws of Nature.
  • Leading life in path of Enlightened.
  • Universal understanding on Divinity (God) to bring about one world religion acceptable by all.
  • Economic Justice.
  • World without war.


Our team comprises of doctors, psychologists, educationalists, entrepreneurs and spiritual gurus with a similar vision of building a world of peace, brotherhood, harmony and eternal bliss.

We are happy to invite anyone who care for the betterment of world to join the team and extend your support to the community.

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Founder & Director of Operations

Dr. S.B. Praveen

Dr. Praveen is an Indian Medical Doctor and Psychologist.In view of providing holistic health care he also extend his knowledge in Accupunture, Yoga, Meditation, herbal medicines &behavioral therapies thereby helping his patients get over chronic health conditions and lead a fruitful life.