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Karoly Takacs – A Story of Worlds best Shooter.


Karoly Takacs – A Story of Worlds best Shooter.

Dr. S.B Praveen April 23, 2020

Károly Takács.

Karoly was a sergeant in the Hungarian Army. He was the country’s top pistol Shooter in 1938 with most major National and international championships won. He was by a mile to win gold at 1940 Tokyo Olympic game. Disastrously at an army training session, a hand grenade accidentally exploded in Karoly’s hand and tear it away. He lost his shooting hand and his Olympic dream has crashed.

After a month in hospital, Karoly went out and began practising to shoot with his left hand. Instead of focusing on what is lost he focused on what he still had. Despite the pain of mind and body he stayed focused to his goal to achieve what’s been shattered earlier – Olympic gold medal.

One year later he went back to National Shooting Championship at Hungary, his colleagues were delight to see him. They thought he came to see them shooting and complemented him for his gesture. But later they were taken back when Karoly told them he wasn’t there to see them shoot; but to compete with them. To his strength he won the championship. Within 1 year of loosing his right hand he prepared himself to win with the left hand.

Karoly’s decision to practise quietly, with mental strength and determination was consistent. Still his dream for Olympic gold medal was strong. But next two Olympics was cancelled due to world war. In 1948, at London Olympics Karoly was chosen to represent Hungary in pistol shooting. Owing to his determination he won the gold medal by shooting with his left hand. It just don’t stop there, he again won the next Helsinki Olympics.

Imagine Karoly’s pain when he lost his shooting hand in accident when he was about to win gold. Yet he trained his left hand to shoot as well or better and succeeded in winning gold twice. Karoly’s success has taught us winning a gold medal in pistol shooting is less about the hand and more about the mind.

The same way, Success is less about skills and more about attitude. Skills can be acquires.

Sometimes life will hit you in the head with a brick,
Don’t loose faith.” – Steve Jobs

It is quite common for people surrounding us to ridicule you for dreaming big. It is also very easy to take up all those and float in misery and self pity. But a winners mind-set is to floor all those with positivity and determination of achieving goal.

We all may encounter a time in life where we feel we suddenly lose everything. When that happens, Instead of worrying about what’s lost. Focus on what you still have.

Dr. S.B Praveen

Dr. Praveen is an Indian Physician and Psychologist. In view of providing holistic health care he extend his knowledge in Acupuncture, Yoga, Meditation, herbal medicines & behavioral therapies thereby helping his patients get over chronic health conditions and lead a fruitful life.

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