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Who is ‘Fit’ to Fight Covid-19


Who is ‘Fit’ to Fight Covid-19

Dr. S.B Praveen March 28, 2020

Novel Corona virus pandemic has affected more than 200 countries and has taken more than 150,000 lives globally; leading to total lockdown and savaging global economy. While social distancing is facilitated by all nations to prevent the spread. There are a lot more we need to know about the deadly virus transmission.

On observing the data of affected regions around the world we can understand that some areas are highly affected than others. Scientists are working hard to find out why the virus manifest differently in different regions. Many researchers are now linking wide spread of corona virus infection are in regions with high air pollution.

Above image compares data of countries with high CO2 emission versus data of corona virus infected countries which is studied by John Hopkins University as on March17, 2020.

These data indicate, the highly affected areas are highly air polluted areas of earth. Adding to the data while warning the dangers of Corona Virus The European Respiratory Society has stated that Patients with chronic lung and heart conditions are caused or worsened by long-term exposure to air pollution are less able to fight off lung infections and more likely to die. This is likely also the case for Covid-19. By lowering air pollution levels we can help the most vulnerable in their fight against this and any possible future pandemics.’’

Recently Aaron Bernstein, at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health told The Washington Post. “Given what we know now, it is very likely that people who are exposed to more air pollution and who are smoking tobacco products are going to fare worse if infected with [Covid-19] than those who are breathing cleaner air, and who don’t smoke,”

The relationship between air pollution and respiratory viral infection has been studied before, which also stated poor airflow and ventilation can increase respiratory virus infectivity and transmission. These data helps us understand this Corona virus pandemic, may have a more serious impact on city dwellers and those exposed to high air pollution and toxic fumes, than on others.

While extensive researches are needed to state Air pollution is a key risk factor for Novel Corona virus infection. We can understand from the above data that, a healthy lung and fresh air can reduce the chances of Covid 19 mortality.

Industrialisation and Urbanisation have damaged our mother nature extensively by increased emission of green house gas and pollution leading to Global Warming. Environment is what we live in, by damaging the environment, human survival becomes questionable. A healthy environment will provide us good air and water which are essential for survival of all living beings.

” The environment and the economy are really both two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment we cannot sustain ourselves. ” – Wangari Maathai.

Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ is a well accepted theory of human evolution. In this Era people believe being ‘Fittest’ is seeking Stronger Economy and living in powerful nations. But, the nations extensively damaged by Covid 19 are some of most developed and richest countries. So what exactly is being ‘Fittest’? Is it the Healthy Economy or Healthy Environment!

Let’s join hands to protect our environment thereby ensuring happy life for everyone.

Dr. S.B Praveen

Dr. Praveen is an Indian Physician and Psychologist. In view of providing holistic health care he extend his knowledge in Acupuncture, Yoga, Meditation, herbal medicines & behavioral therapies thereby helping his patients get over chronic health conditions and lead a fruitful life.

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